Let it Be

Hi, I'm Catherine :] I love tea, sunny days and my Jesus Christ.


Giants!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh, Im so proud of my team :]

<3 <3

Oddly enough, after answering the last question I've seen you every day, Catherine. I've just been too awkward and shy to go say hi. I almost feel like a creep or something along those lines, haha :x

Haha aw, dont be shy! If i see you today, Ill say hi first!


Probably just had the best nap in my life…

Catherine, I never see you around at school anymore :O and I'm here allllllll the time now too! Hahah. Where'd ya go?

Im here, Im here! At least were kinda in the same place. Well see each other, its bound to happen. Valley Forge is little haha

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